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Teddycanpay is an Easier Way to Receive Donations

  1. Anyone with an Email or Twitter account can donate
  2. No need for a bank or paypal account for the donor
  3. This works in parallel with any other donation button(s) you may have
  4. If you do not have a web page, TeddyCan create an attractive web site (3 pages) for you with the eye catching donation widget
  5. Teddycan's legal mumbo jumbo is straight-forward (Please see the terms before using the service.)

How to Start a TeddyCanDonate Fund Raising Campaign:

This is an {example fundraising website we created for Friends of Access Nashua}
This is an {example fundraising widget that can be customized for your site}
To get started and take your fundraising to the next level, Contact Our Public Relations Department at PublicRelations@TeddyCan.com or 617-395-8864 (no obligation!)

Know How It Works

Teddycan.com is a search engine that has created a quick and easy vehicle to enhance your fundraising efforts and expand your donor base. We can create a widget to add to your website and/or a 3 page/sectional website for you free of charge for the campaign Every time someone goes through your donation tool they donate the points they earn on TeddyCan to you! It’s a fast and easy way to gain notoriety as well as funds. It’s completely free and you get the following:

Simply Send us Back an Email with the following:

  1. Choose: Widget or Web page? Widget #2 only
  2. Every $1.00 raised = 1000 points

  3. Set your goal: how much money do you want to raise?
  4. Provide your program/fundraiser’s name

    • Contact information
    • Email
    • Twitter handle

    We do the rest and send it to you for approval within 24 hours - with a sample letter to send to your email contacts etc.

  5. Web Page - Make it resonate emotionally with readers; we can update it for you.
    • Picture It – The Attraction
    • Fundraising Campaign – The What & Why
    • About Us – Mission Statement – The Who
    • Contact – Your contact information – all of it or just an email

  6. Next…
    • We send it back to you for approval you share it with Friends and Families by Email, FaceBook & Other Social Networks
    • Our Marketing Team will help raise awareness about your campaign to increase your donor base and help you meet your goal
    • Funds: Payout on donations is every 45 days to the organization or person; as long as $15 or more
    • The majority of the time you’ll find we pay the highest cash back awards to your supporters- on top of the lowest online prices
    • Depending on your campaign needs we’ll even make phone calls to help you reach your goal; Our sophisticated analytic software can find consumers who are more likely to become your supporter

Our fundraising tool is designed to help get your message out to more likeminded people. People who would support you through the things they do every day on the web - searching, shopping and learning with companies like Tutor Teddy who are offering a 25% rebate for college students who are already involved in STEM. All, at no cost to you.

Email us if you’d like to participate at PublicRelations@TeddyCan.com. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Our Team is looking forward to supporting your cause and helping you get your message out, while increasing your fundraising efforts.

Act soon, this opportunity is on a first-come, first-served basis.